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Our story

Our story

Where charisma meets vision & initiative meets a passion for creation, we co-founded our design studio.

My partner and I met for the first time walking home from secondary school about 20 years ago. Our friendship grew throughout the years however, we each had our own path to follow. Fortunately, faith allowed us to meet again in 2018. We then decided to walk on this road together, knowing it is a wonderfully long road, being aware that we have the liberty to be creative.

We live our life each day understanding more that only by serving others, one can be truly satisfied.

We serve clients of diverse background, budget, lifestyle, locally and internationally.

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Our work

The design process:

Step 1 – Meeting with clients

We love this part because this is the space where we can make a connection. Someone told us they chose our firm to do their interior design because they liked the sound of our voice. We appreciate how important it is for someone to feel comfortable to allow you in their most private and intimate space, their home. At this initial stage, we establish timelines, budget and specifics.

Step 2 – Taking measurements of the space

Although our work is based on the two-dimensional plans we receive from the clients we like to take our measures to ensure that we can build our three-dimensional plan based on the facts. Sometimes reality is slightly different from the 2D plan. Here is where we take lots of pictures of the place, as details help us loads when building the 3D model.

Step 3 – Organisational plan/electrical plan

This step is essential as here we have to combine the necessities of the client, practicalities of the space and not least, the design. Some new builds require us to produce the electrical plans for the wiring and electricals to be installed, other areas requiring renovation have the necessity for new wiring or specific changes in the position of lighting or electrical plugs. We produce these plans to help the technicians/specialists with their job.

Step 4 – Creation

This is the most wonderfully challenging part of the project, where we combine the flow of creativity with the technical part and the practicalities of the real world. We do a lot of research, and we use visuals, for example, our designer creates moodboards, to see color combinations, to define the style of the client/space, we speak to our suppliers and technical experts.

Step 5 – 3D Visualisation

This is one of the most exciting parts of the project, presenting the client with the renders (photorealistic images) of their spaces. Sometimes these renders defy their imaginations, sometimes our own, but one thing is sure: our 3D Designer is exceptionally attentive with details, textures, lighting and colors. Usually, the results wow the client, and also here we allow the space for changes should there be necessary.

Step 6 – Shopping list

We like to use in our projects furniture, paints, flooring, rugs, sanitary objects, tiles, accessories, etc. which can be purchased either from one of our partnering suppliers, in a shop or online, we even sometimes ship things from other countries. Therefore, you will get a full list of the elements we used in your 3D project, containing quantities, colors, dimensions, pricing.

Step 7 – Consultancy

Communication is crucial throughout the project, and we are improving it all the time. We like to take a closer approach when it comes to assisting the clients. We love communication either verbal, over the telephone, or messaging/email. We understand the different needs the clients may have; for example, some people like to be intimately involved in projects. Others like the distance, but they like to know that you are always there at the other end of the telephone in case they want your opinion on something they are interested in.

Step 8 – Execution

This is altogether the best part, as this is the part the creation takes shape, this is the space where we collaborate with talented people who show their expertise, we share knowledge, we are technical, we are committed, we are expressive, where we can learn, we can express ourselves, we can communicate, we can improve, and the result is magical.

Thank you Silviu Bleoca and Aliz Bocskor for the lovely 3D projects. You managed with a lot of professionalism to transpose our wishes including your own ideas and creativity in a modern and a different design. Excellent team work. I highly recommend your team .

Andreea, Targu Mures.

I warmly recommend you.

Lavinia, Targu Mures client