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Aliz Bocskor

interior designer

Studied interior design at the Institute of Interior Design while living in London, a city that can open up to create even a bewildered soul. I always believed that life experience & courage is above any limitation that we, or societies or our peers lay upon us. One of the main lessons in life, I believe is PATIENCE. Interior design and working with people is all about patience, even though I have the best of intentions sometimes things don’t happen the way I expect it, delays happen, changes happen, life happens. Design is teaching me to be – PATIENT. My background in working with people was preciously gained over the years from restaurant serving to big corporations. I met people from all walks of life, and somehow, I always expected more and more, until life itself helped me realize that it is all about the connection one musters with oneself and others. So I embark on this journey with each one of you, let’s explore!

Silviu Bleoca

3D designer

My passion for 3D Design has started from the early stages of my student life, my creative talent infiltrated in my work. I always believed there is more to creation than just numbers. I finished my university degree in IT in my home town, and therefore, I searched for more and pursued a masters’ degree in Graphic Design studying 3D Design. Along the way, I found fascinating visionaries in 3D printing, 3D modeling and 3D visualizing. I have gained a good experience in 3D design from residential to commercial (large retailers). I believe life and creation manifest in the details.