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This is the first stages of design, here we discuss ideas with the client, we document, we do research, we find out more about the client’s style. It is essential to understand the client’s lifestyle, what makes them happy, what makes them content and what inspires them. Colors are influential on a person’s life, and we all know and feel our favorite colors.

Product design

We use 3D modeling to create a prototype for any object which can be used in home decoration, interior design (furniture design), presentations, commercial, retail for online shopping.

Floor plan/organizational plan

Organizing the space in such a way that it is practical and suitable for the client. We use specialized computer programs: Sketch Up to create floorplans and organizational plans.

Electric plan

The lighting and positioning of electrical plugs are essential in a well-designed space. Here we work with specialist electricians, engineers to ensure the wiring and the appliances are installed correctly.

3D Rendering

This is where the design comes to life when the project is ready for visualization, when our talented 3D Designer finished his work, using high-quality graphics, setting the materials, lighting, the angles, the final touches, camera and render! For 3D rendering, we are using specialized software such: V-Ray, which makes the rendered image look like a realistic one. Photorealistic images assist the client in seeing their project become a reality virtually.

3D Modeling

Although we live in a three-dimensional world, what we see mostly on the world wide web are two-dimensional models (2D models). These are in general photographs of an object having only two dimensions, length and width. The three-dimensional models (3D models) are created in a specialized 3D modeling program, 3Ds Max. The 3D Designer builds a model that has three dimensions: length, width and depth. This 3D model at this stage is bare, so he adds materials onto it such as color, texture, patterns, and most importantly, light. The art is combining all these elements in such a way that they look as natural as possible. It is useful to have a 3D model of a piece of furniture, for example, especially in interior design, to be able to approach it from various angles for an informed decision on where to place it.

3D Visualization

Is combining artistic and technical knowledge when presenting 3D models, 3D interior design projects, and other 3D products. We provide 3D visualization services for our interior design projects, and we offer this service to other designers, architects, and other professionals to assist them in presenting their ideas, communicate better, and reach their objectives.

Colour consultancy

We all have favourite colours and some colours feel like home to us. Combining those colours with complimentary ones in a well rounded design project is what we create. Colours are fun and complimenting them with a matching colour is a way of art. Colour matching does not mean using the same colour, to match. For example, if I have a red carpet, I would use the same red for curtains and for accessories. Colours can be contrasting (the ones opposite each other on the colour wheel) or harmonising (the ones next to each other on the colour wheel), the contrasting ones combined together have more of an impact on the observer, whilst the harmonising ones are soothing to the eye.

3D Animation

Is where space comes alive, we use 3D modeling and 3D visualization to create 3D Animation, there are 3D images created in a digital environment. In interior design, we have a walk-through video which gives an overall view of the space.


This is a service we offer to complement all the other services. We all know that accessories are what makes an interior exciting: the gold, the silver, the copper, translucent finishes, mirrors, frames, objects of art. Accessorising is like putting salt and pepper in your meal.

Commercial design

We had opportunities to design commercial spaces also, in these spaces is critical to understand the brand and the client’s vision for their business. Trends are useful but creating a timeless design is beneficial for the client.

360 3D Panorama

A 360 degrees view of the space and details of the design. It gives the clients a real feeling that they are in the middle of that space, and they can have a look around.



Interior design is such an inclusive domain. We provide consultancy in a wide area of business starting from accessorizing i.e., advising on what colors work well together, what home decoration objects work well in an already defined space, or starting from the isolation of a newly built house to the final touches of a modern built home. Interior design is ever-changing, and with it, we are learning something new every day and have the opportunity to allow our an inexhaustible source of creation and knowledge to flourish.